János Soós started taking pictures in his late teenager years with a manual Minolta XG-M. Without a formal education in photography, he is an autodidact exploring the challenges of this wonderful creative activity. Later, growing respect for some nearly-a-century-old family snapshots and the digital revolution in photography has boosted his interest in photography.

It is difficult to find a single path in his photographic work. Landscapes and city shots have always been attractive, but he has also been interested in creating abstract photography. The latter pictures, organised into Light Painting Project™, have been taken by genuine hand-made experimental spinning camera moves.

During his travels, he has been an active photographer. His recent focus has been on photographing the mountains and valleys of the Southern Austrian Alps in Carinthia and the Dolomiti in Northern Italy. Other highlights of his work include his  panorama pictures and his series based on specific pictures.

Visuarto™ ©, his photography works presented on www.visuarto.com, is a personal selection of digital pictures taken in the last 16 years.

Major themes

  • Kärnten (2012 – ongoing)
  • Light Painting Project (2005 – ongoing)
  • Norge (2003, 2009)
  • Paris (2003 – 2012)
  • United States of America (2005, 2008, 2010)
  • Venezia, Italia (2005, 2019)                                                      


  • ECB Hidden Artists Group exhibition, European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2004
  • 60 works – Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, Budapest, Hungary, 2007
  • Baltic States – Group exhibition, Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, Budapest, Hungary, 2009
  • Estonian cultural program, selected photographs displayed, Embassy of Estonia, Budapest, Hungary, 2009
  • Kunst am Abend, Seeboden am Millstättersee, Austria, 2019