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Visuarto™ and the website is owned by János Soós. All photographs presented on are original photographs taken by János Soós (copyright holder). All rights reserved © 1999-2018 János Soós.

General Licencing Terms and Conditions for the Granting of Rights

Any reproduction license rights are granted exclusively by electronic means (exchange of e-mails) via the website. The subject of the granting of rights is a license to reproduce works by the copyright holder (János Soós).

Any reproduction license is granted under the following conditions:

  1. Upon receiving the rights acquirer’s request for the granting of a specific reproduction license, the copyright holder will submit to the rights acquirer an offer to execute an usage agreement with reproduction license. This offer is subject to the condition precedent that the licence fee is paid in full by the rights acquirer. By agreeing to ’accept the fee and pay it’, the rights acquirer accepts this offer, thereby establishing a legally binding permission-for-usage contract with reproduction license.
  2. The rights of usage are generally assigned for a one-time use only, and as described in the reproduction license contract; subsidiary rights are not included in the assignment.
  3. The reproduction license only covers the specific works named in the license contract.
  4. The right of usage is strictly non-transferable.
  5. If the rights acquirer does not use the granted reproduction license within one year after the granting, the given license shall expire. This shall not affect the claim for remuneration.
  6. A subsequent print run beyond the licensed print run shall require a new reproduction license. In case of subsequent print runs of books this may only be refused for due cause.
  7. The rights acquirer shall provide the copyright holder with one specimen copy of each published work.
  8. For every reproduction the rights acquirer is required to name and quote the copyright holder and work title(s) in a suitable location and following standard conventions.
  9. The rights acquirer grants the copyright holder the right to review the conditions applicable to the amount of the license fee in accordance with § 87c HGB (German Commercial Code) (in particular, abstract of accounts, information, inspection of accounts/books and documents).
  10. The license fee is designated as a net amount and may be subject to statutory value added tax (VAT).

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